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11 Jan 2021

COVID-19: Template risk assessments for employers

Operating businesses effectively whilst ensuring COVID-19 risks are minimised continues to be a significant challenge.  Employers and building occupiers face the challenge of deciding:

  • Have we done enough? (or perhaps too much?)
  • Do we comply with the law and Government guidance?
  • Have we got an appropriate balance between home working and work at our premises?

To give you an idea about what the risk assessment should cover, please download our free Offices and Contact Centres COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Business specific template risk assessments for the following workplaces are available free of charge on request from David Paveley:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Cleaning non-Healthcare Settings
  • Factories, Plants and Warehouses
  • Food Outlets Offering Takeaway or Delivery
  • Garages and Car Repair Centres
  • Gyms, Swimming Pools and leisure Centres
  • Offices and Contact Centres
  • Schools
  • Shops and Retail Outlets
  • Vehicle Drivers
  • Working in Other People’s Homes

We can conduct a COVID-19 assurance review of your business to ensure that you comply with the ‘5 steps to being COVID-19 Secure’ system used by HSE Inspectors.

More information on the 5 step process can be found here.



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