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We have provided advice and evidence in thousands of asbestos related disease cases.

We help legal professionals and the courts to understand how and when asbestos was used and the associated risks.

Our role is to advise those involved in litigation and the courts. We can help you to understand:

  • Whether or not particular materials are likely to have contained asbestos and the likely asbestos type
  • What was know known about the risks associated with asbestos, by whom and when
  • The likely extent of exposures to asbestos that may have occurred by comparison to relevant occupational hygiene standards/limits and/or in the context of cumulative exposure (for example for comparison to the Helsinki Criteria)
  • The relative proportions of asbestos dust likely to have been inhaled by a person in different circumstances (apportionment)
  • Whether or not any actions taken by duty holders were consistent with the knowledge and standards of the day

If you have a current case that you would like to discuss with one of our experts, please contact Laura Hooper and she will find the best fit amongst our team.

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Our experts are among the UK’s leading liability expert witnesses in asbestos related claims.  Our asbestos expert witness profiles are below:

In addition to reports for use in proceedings, our asbestos experts can also provide:

  • Verbal advice
  • Preliminary written advice
  • Preliminary reports for disclosure
  • Assistance with evidence gathering

We regularly post news and resources in relation to our asbestos work and relevant judgments.  You can find our news and resources here.

A summary of our turnaround times for different work types can be found here. For individual expert availability please contact our Business Coordinator, Laura Hooper, on 01302 499050 or by email:

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