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Our hugely experienced asbestos experts provide comprehensive, impartial and objective advice and evidence.

Our expert witness team includes some of the UK’s leading liability expert witnesses in asbestos compensation claims.  We have provided advice and evidence in thousands of asbestos cases over the years and have a long and proven track record of producing the comprehensive but balanced analysis of a case that everyone involved needs.

Our asbestos expert witness profiles can be seen by clicking the names below:

All of our team are highly qualified health and safety professionals who have built up their understanding of the key issues surrounding asbestos related diseases by working in a wide range of industries as engineers, occupational hygienists, asbestos surveyors and HSE Factory Inspectors.

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In addition to reports for use in proceedings, our asbestos specialists can also provide:

  • Verbal advice
  • Preliminary written advice
  • Preliminary reports for disclosure
  • Assistance with evidence gathering

Why should you ask us to act as an expert witness in your asbestos case?

We believe the answer to that questions splits into three:

  1. We have the professional experience you need

All of our expert witnesses are highly qualified health and safety professionals with both the asbestos and industry experience your case requires.

  1. We have the procedural experience you need

Our team has worked with legal professionals for many years.  This means we know exactly what you need and how you work.

  1. We have the practical experience you need

We know how precious your time is so we will always tell you if our evidence is unlikely to be supportive and will never deliver a report that is overly complicated or difficult to understand.

What should you do next?

For our latest turnaround times and expert availability, please contact our Business Coordinator, Laura Hooper on 01302 499050.

If you have a current case that you would like to discuss with one of our experts, please call Laura on 01302 499050 and she will find the best fit amongst our team.

If you would like to find out more about the different areas our expert witnesses can cover, please email us at

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