Occupational Hygiene

We will help you to understand and effectively manage your business’s occupational health risks.

You can rest assured our Occupational Hygienists will help you to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, that complies with relevant legislation.

Our team is headed by Rosie McKay and is made up of renowned and highly qualified experts including occupational hygienists, engineers, scientists, chemists, health and safety practitioners and ex-factory inspectors.

As a company we are committed to following the guidance set out by the British Occupational Hygiene Society in their ‘Good Practice Guide for Consultants’. Therefore, our customers can be assured of our commitment to good practice and ensuring the competency and quality of our staff and work.

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We help duty-holders to create and maintain a healthy working environment that complies with relevant regulations, keeping the workforce and the business healthy and productive.

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Our Occupational Hygienists work to prevent occupational disease whilst also understanding how to apply the relevant legal frameworks to your workplace. We use approved methods to define risks from chemical, physical and biological hazards, recommend cost effective control measures in line with the hierarchy of control, and help to provide evidence of legislative compliance in the event of future legal action or HSE enforcement.

Our capabilities

Our clients benefit from our practical experience which encompasses a wide range of industry, HSE and consultancy backgrounds.

Occupational Hygiene Resources

We have a selection of internally produced resources on a variety of topics to assist duty holders. These include; local exhaust ventilation, metal working fluids, welding, wood dust, respirable crystalline silica, foundry work etc.

With 99% of deaths at work due to occupational disease and ill health, there are real benefits to adequately controlling chemical, physical and biological hazards that can result in occupational disease.

Good control of the workplace health risks faced by employees and companies has positive impacts legally, morally, and financially.

We have specialists who can help with the following:

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For enquiries or to discuss our capabilities please contact Rosie McKay on 01302 499055 or by email rosiemckay@pragmaandassociates.co.uk

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