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We provide evidence in legal proceedings relating to COSHH.

Our experts have extensive industry and regulatory experience and have provided advice and evidence in cases involving occupational exposures to health hazards including isocyanates, flour dust, mould, welding fumes, metal working fluids (MWFs), solvents and acids over the last 20 years.

Our experience as expert witnesses includes acting in high profile dust and fume related exposure cases including the British Coal Respiratory Disease litigation (BCRDL) and the British Coal and British Steel Coke Oven Workers’ litigations. We also have experience of multi-Claimant actions involving exposures to ferrous foundry particulate (FFP) and aluminium smelter dust and fumes.

We can help parties in both civil and criminal litigation to understand the nature and potential consequences of exposures to substances hazardous to health, along with providing comment on how workplace health risks should be controlled, or should have been controlled, in the context of the standards of the day.

Our experience is relevant to risk identification and control in relation to occupational diseases including lung and other cancers, occupational asthma and other allergic disease, lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, COPD, sarcoidosis and dermatitis.

Legal professionals dealing with occupational ill health claims can arrange a confidential, no-obligation, discussion with one of our experts by contacting Laura Hooper, our Business Coordinator, on 01302 499050 or

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Our COSHH expert witness profiles can be seen by clicking the names below:

In addition to reports for use in proceedings, our COSHH experts can also provide legal professionals with:

  • Verbal advice
  • Preliminary written advice
  • Preliminary reports for disclosure
  • Assistance with gathering evidence

For our latest turnaround times and expert availability please contact Laura Hooper on 01302 499050 and she will find the best fit amongst our team.

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