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Impartial and objective advice and evidence in noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) cases.

Our experts’ experience in industry and with HSE means that they can produce focused and reliable evidence based on practical experience.

Our noise expert witnesses are:

Our noise experts have been instructed in hundreds of NIHL cases involving claims across all areas of industry. We would be pleased to advise which of our expert’s experience is most appropriate to the circumstances of the matter that you are dealing with.

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As well as reports for use in proceedings, our NIHL experts can provide:

  • Verbal advice
  • Preliminary written advice
  • Preliminary reports for disclosure
  • Assistance with gathering evidence

We have undertaken noise risk assessments and evaluated risk assessments done by others throughout our careers.  This work has been done in the context of work in industry, work for the enforcing authorities and in relation to expert witness work.  This is why we are recognised as leading liability expert witnesses in noise related cases.

Our team has worked alongside legal professionals for many years, we know exactly what you need from us and how you like to work.

We will never deliver a report that is anything other than straightforward, to the point and easy to follow.

What should you do next?

For our latest turnaround times and expert availability, please contact our Business Coordinator, Laura Hooper on 01302 499050 or by email:

If you have a current case that you would like to discuss with one of our experts, please contact Laura and she will find the best fit amongst our team.


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