What We Do

We are highly experienced health and safety professionals who provide the specific health and safety expertise our clients need.

We do this in two ways, via our expert witness service and via our health and consultancy services to industry.

Our team bring together a wide range of academic, industry and consultancy backgrounds. They combine all of their expertise for you to access the practical know-how you need to tackle your own health and safety issues as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

If you would like to book a free initial chat with any of our experts or find out more about the different industries they specialise in, please contact us today.

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Our team is on hand to help you define and deliver health and safety solutions that will:

  • Increase your employees’ safety and wellbeing
  • Preserve your business’ productivity and profitability
  • Avoid potential reputational damage or even criminal prosecution

As well as offering advice we also provide peace of mind. As we are recognised experts with proven track records, you can leave everything to us, safe in the knowledge we will provide the solution you need while you invest your time where it is needed most, in your business.

Experience has taught us there is little value in having the best possible advice if you cannot use it. This is why we focus just as much on the implementation as we do on the information.

Once we have identified, analysed and, if necessary, quantified your particular issues, we will set out what you need to do in the immediate, short and long term in clear, easy to follow steps.

Which health and safety issues can we help you resolve?

While every client and every project is very different, the areas we can help you with include:

  • Preparing health and safety strategies and developing the health and safety culture
  • Provision of health and safety information, instruction and training
  • Undertaking risk assessments (including COSHH, fire, legionella, DSEAR)
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Investigating accidents and implementing action plans to minimise the likelihood of similar accidents occurring in the future
  • Audits to ensure your health and safety policies and procedures are implemented effectively
  • Advising on exposure to hazardous materials (dust, chemicals, vapours, mist, bacteria, viruses)
  • Identifying and controlling noise and vibration exposures
  • Completing workplace exposure monitoring for chemicals dust, vapours, and noise and vibration
  • Work station assessments and ergonomic advice
  • Advising on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and completing fit2fit accredited face-fit tests
  • Examination and testing of LEV, extraction and HVAC systems

The sectors we have particular health & safety expertise in include:

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