Dave Bradley

Associate, Consultant Health and Safety Practitioner

BSc (Hons) PG Dip (Occ H & S)

Dave joined Pragma and Associates Limited as a Consultant Health and Safety Practitioner in 2015.

Dave began his career as a Research Scientist in the HSE’s Healthy and Safety Laboratory, before becoming a Factory Inspector for the Health & Safety Executive; a position he held for over 20 years. At the HSE Dave was the nominated asbestos inspector in his division, inspecting both licensed and non-licensed work with asbestos materials, ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation and providing advice on the management and safe removal of such materials. As part of this role Dave undertook assessments of licensed asbestos removal contractors to ensure they had the required competencies to hold such a licence.

Dave specialises in the assessment and control of asbestos risks and has particular experience in the construction, heavy engineering, manufacturing and services sectors. He has extensive experience providing both written and oral evidence and accepts instructions from solicitors representing claimants, defendants and on a joint basis.