With our broad-ranging knowledge and experience, we can provide straightforward and practical advice to help you to protect your employees from hazards in the workplace that cause occupational ill health and protect your company from the consequences of work-related ill health.

We have experience of a range of industries, including; steel, agrochemicals, electronics, rail, aerospace, metal-working and manufacturing, and provide tailored support regarding the measurement and control of exposure to chemicals, dusts, noise and vibration across the UK.

We can also assist with the undertaking of risk assessments, the selection of control measures including PPE and RPE, examination and testing of LEV, and the control of legionella in water systems.

Our experience as Expert Witnesses and former HSE Inspectors provides us with a unique insight that enables us to provide you with the support to ensure your policies and practices are in line with current Regulations and provide effective evidence of your compliance in the event of future legal action.

Please contact Rosie McKay for an obligation free chat to find out more about our Occupational Hygiene services or to discuss your particular requirements.

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